Liquidity Pool

Deposit (Liquidity Provision)

MARBLERS can freely deposit their assets into the pool of the desired token pair. When depositing assets, you need to have tokens of the same value for both tokens in a pair.

If you input the amount of deposits for one token from two tokens that are a pair, the remaining tokens are automatically calculated and entered by AMM. The Receipt shows the pool's information, and the Estimated Reward shows the expected reward you will receive based on the current pool's APR. When you deposit into the pool, you will receive an LP token proving your stake. For example, the name of the LP token could be something like [Pool Name 'LP'].


The currently created pool is exposed. MARBLERS can supply liquidity to the desired pool and earn rewards.

There are two kinds of rewards. The APRs of the two rewards are added together and shown.

  1. Fee Compensation from Swap

Whenever Marblers use the Swap service, the Swap Fee measured by the Fee Policy accumulates automatically in the liquidity pool. The liquidity providers can receive a Swap Fee as a reward based on their current stake in the pool. Both tokens and the Swap Fee rewards in addition to the tokens you will receive when you remove the liquidity supplied by the liquidity provider.

2. Incentives for Liquidity Supply

Incentives are rewards you receive in addition to the fees. They are rewarded for a set period of time based on the block number, and the stake in the pool determines the amount of reward tokens.

APR and Reward Calculation

Pool Share Calculation

Swap Fee Compensation APR Calculation

The Swap Fee APR is determined according to the 24-hour transaction amount of the pool, so in pools with larger and higher transactions, the Swap Fee increases, as does the APR.

Incentive APR Calculation

The current Marblex blockchain generates one Block per second, creating 86,400 * 365 Blocks per year.

“MARBLEX LP Rewards” circulated by the Rewards Program will only be used/returned to activate the MBX swap ecosystem. As an initial pool provider, MBXL rewards paid to MARBLEX will be re-supplied to the liquidity pool to strengthen ecosystem stability and user transaction support.

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