Game Token Staking Guide

Season system

The staking service will be held in seasons. Season 1 has a four-day pre-staking period, followed by an eight-week stake period once the season begins. Following the end of the Staking period, there will be an off-season period where you can collect rewards. Participation is open throughout the staking season, including Pre-Staking. Similarly, once the minimum Staking period has passed, users can stop staking at any time. However, keep in mind that extra rewards will be given to users who staked during the 8-week Staking period.

The official Staking period for Season 1 will be held for 8 weeks, but the detailed schedule may change for the next season for each game token. Please check the notice before the start of each staking season.

Currently available participating game tokens (2023. 5)

  • NKA, NKT from Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds

  • ITU from A3: Still Alive, Meta World: My City

※ Minimum Staking limit for each game token: 20 ITU, 2NKA, 4NKT

Season 7 participation schedule

  • Pre-staking period: 2023.10.04 18:00 – 2023.10.10 14:00 (UTC+9)

  • Season period: 2023.10.10 14:00 – 2023.12.05 14:00 (UTC+9)

※ Tokens staked from the previous season will be automatically unstaked after a certain period of time once a season ends. This does not affect each other's APR (excluding event rewards)

Withdrawal time

  • Prestaking period: Withdrawal is possible once the minimum staking period has been reached following the start of the season (Pre-staking period is not included in the minimum staking period.)

  • Season period: Withdrawal is possible after exceeding the minimum staking period (7 days)

  • Off-Season period: Withdrawal available at any time.

※ Only the total amount of Staked tokens can be withdrawn. Partial withdrawal is not possible.

Additonal Information

  • Additional Staking : Minimum staking period applied based on the most recent staking time.

  • Staking reward: MBXL is paid in proportion to the staking period and quantity.

  • Additional race rewards: Only Staked tokens earned during the staking season that were not withdrawn will receive additional MBXL rewards. To participate in the race, you must stake during the pre-staking period.

How to participate in the game token staking service

In-depth Guide: 👉How to stake game tokens

※ Due to the high volatility of accumulated rewards and returns in the early stages of the staking season, the actual reward may differ from the actual value.

※ When staking, the history will show a value that includes the fee.

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