Chain Ecosystem

Publishers, Game developers, and Service providers

Users participating in the MARBLEX ecosystem will encounter key ecosystem creators mostly around game tokens and MBX tokens. Key parties are publishers, game developers, and service providers. With the introduction of the MARBLEX token system to the existing gaming business ecosystem, the role of a “service provider” was added.

Within the “game-token” structure enabled by the service provider, users can experience not only quality content provided by publishers and developers but also the token economy based thereon. While playing games, users will have opportunities to engage in profit-generating activities.

Above all, as a service provider integrates the token economy with game content, the key ecosystem creators will share a long-term goal of boosting the MBX ecosystem. This ranges from service providers operating the token ecosystem, users seeking additional profits by mining game tokens and utilizing their tokens, developers enhancing game content competitiveness by introducing the token economy, to publishers maximizing in-app payment revenue by operating token-activated games. In other words, every party will benefit from the token activation.

Since our token ecosystem was integrated with tokens based on games that have substance, the value of these tokens is directly connected to gaming features. Therefore, the publisher will continue to secure well-made games in order to raise the value of tokens. Users will experience more excitement than in other games as they can enjoy not only well-made games but also engage in profit-generating activities.

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