MBX NFT is the comprehensive NFT platform in the MARBLEX ecosystem.

With MBX NFT platform's various features, users can utilize their NFTs in a variety of ways, increase their value, and receive additional benefits.

In this guide, let’s take a look at how to use the CLAIM service on MBX NFT to purchase NFTs by paying MBX. Users do not need to input a separate NFT for claim pools.

The following guide was created using sample images from the dev page of MBX NFT. Please note that they may differ from the actual website at the launch of MBX NFT.

▶ How to use claim pools on CLAIM

1. From the main page of MBX NFT, click Claim. The Claim feature essentially allows you to “purchase” NFTs at a specific price, which may vary depending on the pool. This price includes the platform fee and gas fee. Click Claim.

2. This step is required to grant permission to the MBX NFT service to transfer Tokens for claiming. Click Approve to proceed with the approval process.

3. When performing CLAIM for the first time, you will need to configure the spending cap, which requires 2 steps. First, enter the “Custom spending cap” (You may leave it at the default value). Click Next. In the next page, verify the spending cap once more and check the gas fee. Then, click Approve.

4. Once the approval is complete, another pop-up will appear, displaying the remaining quantity and total cost of the NFT that you are about to claim. Here, the total cost equals the price + platform fee. Click Agree.

5. A small gas fee is required for the final step of the claim. Click Confirm to proceed. After a few seconds, you will receive a pop-up confirming that the claim was successful. Click Confirm, again.

6. Congratulations! In this particular claim pool, the reward NFT was a Joker Puzzle.

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