Import MBX to MetaMask

Even if the private key is used to import your MARBLEX account, the MBX tokens may not be visible. In order to check MBX assets, users must configure the appropriate mainnet that supports MARBLEX and import the correct MBX token information.

1. Open MetaMask Chrome extension, and from the top left corner click on the network icon.

2. Click the “Add Network” button.

3. If the network you’re looking for is not available on the list, click “Add a network manually”.

4. Fill out the necessary information to add a network. Once entered, click Save.

**Enter the respective network information for each mainnet that supports MBX



  • Network Name: BNB SmartChain

  • New URL:

  • Chain ID: 56

  • Currency symbol: BNB

  • Block explorer URL:

5. Check the top left corner to see if each mainnet was added successfully.

  • Klaytn mainnet

  • BNB Chain

  1. Import the corresponding MBX tokens for the respective mainnet using the token information below.


  • MBX Token Contract Address: 0xd068c52d81f4409b9502da926ace3301cc41f623

  • MBX Token Symbol: MBX

  • Token Decimal: 18


  • MBX Token Contract Address: 0xf95a5532d67c944dfa7eddd2f8c358fe0dc7fac2

  • MBX Token Symbol: MBX

  • Token Decimal: 18

7. If entered correctly, the MBX tokens for each respective network will now be visible.

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