MBX NFT is the comprehensive NFT platform in the MARBLEX ecosystem.

With MBX NFT platform's various features, users can utilize their NFTs in a variety of ways, increase their value, and receive additional benefits.

In this guide, let’s take a look at how to use the built-in inventory on MBX NFT.

The following guide was created using sample images from the dev page of MBX NFT. Please note that they may differ from the actual website at the launch of MBX NFT.

▶ How to access your INVENTORY

1. From the main page of MBX NFT, check the upper right corner and click INVENTORY.

2. Your inventory displays all NFTs in your MetaMask Wallet.

3. From the drop down menu, you can filter your NFTs by their type. If any of your NFTs are locked up from AIRDROP, you may check them at Locked up inventory. At Send History, you can view your previous NFT transactions.

4. To import additional NFTs to your inventory, specifically those that exist in the wallet that you used to sign-in, click + NFT add.

5. The following pop-up will appear. Select the NFT ADD tab and enter the collection address in order to add NFT.

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