What is MARBLEX Wallet?

MARBLEX Wallet is an app that allows you to store and manage your virtual assets in the MARBLEX ecosystem.

Do I need to install the app to use MBX Tokens?

The installation of MARBLEX Wallet is required in order to utilize all services within the MBX ecosystem. All MBX services can be accessed by connecting to the MARBLEX Wallet.

However, for storage and trading purposes, you are free to use other non-custodial wallets. While there is no transaction fee when trading MBX tokens using the MARBLEX Wallet, non-custodial wallets may incur a transaction fee corresponding to the chain on which the MBX is traded.

The service says it is unavailable in my location. What do I do?

You may encounter difficulties when attempting to use MARBLEX Wallet in countries outside the service area.

Please understand that we cannot provide a solution at this time as there are many factors affecting the wallet app's availability. More information will be provided in future notices if there are any changes to the app's availability by country.

What are MBX Tokens?

MBX Token is the public token that acts as the key currency for the entire MBX ecosystem. They cannot be directly traded for Game Tokens, but using the bridge token MBXL enables users to make the exchange.

Where can I use MBX Tokens?

The MBX Token has various uses in all services within the MBX ecosystem. Specifically, it can be exchanged into Game Tokens using MBX Swap, which can then be used within games that are part of our ecosystem.

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