Burn Model

MARBLEX has introduced a burn model, which is one of the most effective ways to preserve token value. A common challenge that exists for blockchain ecosystems is the question of how to maintain the value of tokens. After token issuance, most tokens suffer from continuous depreciation over time due to problems such as low utilization and reliability. To solve this problem, various value preservation methods are being proposed in the market. MBX and game tokens are also adopting a burn model as a solution.

Burning a portion of the fees generated by the ecosystem means permanently removing tokens from circulation, reducing the effective supply of all tokens, i.e. removing them from circulation entirely. As tokens are burned, the value lost is transferred to tokens in circulation in the market, contributing to the preservation of value.

The main burn policies implemented and maintained by MARBLEX are as follows:

  • MARBLEX 3.0 Tokenomics Optimization Phase 1: Burning all tokens outside the distribution plan has been conducted to burn all unplanned tokens not included in the [MBX TOKEN DISTRIBUTION SCHEDULE BY 2026]. This amounted to 67.36% of the initial total MBX supply. In line with the changed market conditions, we eliminated the risks of circulation pressure and value depreciation that additional supply may cause, and enhanced ecosystem transparency by enabling supply forecasting.

  • ‘Auto-Burn’ / ‘Dynamic Burn’ : MARBLEX supports the preservation of ecosystem value through Auto-Burn, which automatically burns a portion of the fees generated by using and participating in ecosystem services, and Dynamic Burn, which burns in conjunction with ecosystem activity.

For the exact rate of service fees, refer to the links below.


Furthermore, MARBLEX plans to expand upon its buyback/return policy to build and revitalize a virtuous cycle in the ecosystem.

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