Basic Concept

Based on the swap pool conditions, users must input {n} NFT's to randomly receive 1 reward NFT from the pool.


■ Swap frequency

Each pool is created with the number of swaps set to one of three values

  1. Unlimited: you can swap without any restrictions

  2. Time-limited: available no more than {n} times within {n} days. After {n} days, the number of swaps will be reset and available again.

  3. Account limit: No more than {n} total swaps per wallet.

■ Swap requirement NFT

  • The type of NFTs that the user is required to input to make a swap is specified in each pool.

  • The input NFTs can be from multiple collections and can be essential or optional.

  • Each TokenID of the input NFT is assigned a score, and the total score that needs to be met for the swap is set.

  • The score of an input NFT is set independently for each pool (e.g., NFT A in swap pool 1 may have a score of 1, but may have a score of 2 in swap pool 2).

  • Input NFTs may require a specific Staking Level.

  • MARBLEX NFTs that enter the pool as swap ingredients are burned.

■ Output NFT

  • If the total score of the input NFTs meets the swap condition of the pool, users are eligible for swapping and will randomly receive 1 reward NFT from the pool.

■ SWAP Requirements

  • The execution of information, such as SWAP Requirements and NFTs input by users, takes place during the processing stage of the swap pool.

※ For MBX NFT's SWAP service, all input NFTs are burned.

■ Fee

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