🆕gMBXL Token

■ Game Token Consolidation: gMBXL

  • MBX Game Token (gMBXL) has a 1:1 exchange rate with MBXL and is directly linked to the games serviced within the MBX ecosystem, and aims to enhance in-game tokenomics.

  • In order to strengthen tokenomics, gMBXL utilized by each game will be initially supplied in a limited amount. Ecosystem contributors (such as developers, publishers, etc.) will enhance in-game tokenomics to promote user consumption of tokens within the in-game ecosystem and ensure a seamless tokenomics operation. As this process is repeated and gMBXL usage increases, a more sustainable ecosystem can be formed due to the virtuous cycle.

■ The positive expectations from the game token consolidation are as follows.

  1. Value consolidation by merging into MBX

  • Improving tokenomics through value consolidation The split user demand for individual game tokens will be consolidated into MBX tokens. Since the genesis of the MBX ecosystem, over $11 million worth of game tokens were used within games. By combining the split demand for individual game tokens into one single game token, gMBXL, we aim to establish an even sturdier tokenomics.

  • Aligning common interest through value consolidation The common interests of ecosystem participants will also be aligned toward MBX tokens. Departing from the existing game token system, where each game token has its own ecosystem, ecosystem participants will share a common goal of vitalizing and stabilizing the MBX token economy.

  1. Streamlining user convenience

  • More intuitive token value Enables users to intuitively grasp the current value of game tokens. In contrast to the past reliance on exchange rates for indirectly assessing the value of game tokens, users can now efficiently and intuitively evaluate the value of gMBXL without the burden of slippage. This change aims to offer gMBXL holders more meaningful information to guide their ownership decisions.

  • Economic feasibility when switching between games Simplifies token transferability between games. In the existing game token system, users encountered exchange fees when trading game tokens with another. The advantage of using a single game token is that it eliminates the necessity for the exchange process and associated fees.

  1. Creating a more scalable and stable ecosystem

  • Stability of onboarding new games The process of onboarding new games becomes more stable and streamlined. The MBX ecosystem has matured enough to offer stable integration with new games directly, with the support of our native blockchain Dapp services, including NFT-related functionalities. With gMBXL tokens, we expect it will be possible to onboard games onto a more stable tokenomics, as our mature ecosystem has made it more difficult for one single game to determine MBX token values.

  • Expanding user pools Facilitates the sharing of user pools between games. While diversity was a positive aspect under the existing game token system, using different game tokens between games often created psychological barriers and procedural hindrances. As a result, users faced challenges switching between games, even if they were part of the same MARBLEX ecosystem. Transitioning to gMBXL, we expect the lowered entry barrier will increase user acquisition for each game, thereby expanding the user pool and create a more active ecosystem.

*Please note that the expectations mentioned above do not guarantee an increase in the prices of the game token or MBX.

■ To promote the adoption of gMBXL and ensure stabilization, MARBLEX plans to provide the following support to game content providers. Through our support plan, we aim to create a foundation for more games to onboard, thereby securing diverse new content and offering a fresh user experience.

  1. Providing liquidity support for initial exchange pools To encourage the onboarding of games within the gMBXL ecosystem, we plan to provide gMBXL to support creating an exchange pool between gMBXL and in-game items. While these exchange pools are essential for maintaining the blockchain game ecosystem, sourcing such funds may be a burden for ecosystem contributors. To lower that entry barrier, MARBLEX plans to alleviate these hurdles by providing liquidity support necessary for the initial adoption of gMBXL, encouraging more games to onboard within the MBX ecosystem in the future.

  2. Providing support for ecosystem stability To actively encourage the provision of gMBXL utilization within onboarding games, a portion of gMBXL used within games will be distributed to ecosystem contributors and MARBLEX. To help stabilize the ecosystem during the early stages of adoption, while adhering to the intention of giving back to the ecosystem, MARBLEX plans to allocate a certain percentage of the total gMBXL received from users for ecosystem support.

*Details of the support system may be subject to change or reduction depending on the maturity of the ecosystem.

■ Here are additional updates following the transition to gMBXL.

  1. The fee rates may change as follows. For games without in-game transaction fees, a 1% fee occurs when exchanging in-game items to gMBXL. These fees are to be burned. A 5% fee occurs when exchanging gMBXL to MBXL. These fees are to be utilized for ecosystem maintenance and expansion. To encourage the usage of MBX tokens within games, no separate fees will occur when exchanging MBXL to gMBXL or gMBXL to game currency.

  2. With the consolidation of each game token into gMBXL, the Game Token Staking service will be terminated. The funds that were previously allocated for the game token staking service will be utilized for maintaining the exchange pools with in-game items in each game.

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