The MBX token is a KCT token based on the Klaytn blockchain. In addition to the Klaytn blockchain, which has secured reliability and transparency based on the Istanbul BFT consensus algorithm, MARBLEX aims to lead the mass adoption of the WEB3 ecosystem by supporting various multichains. As part of MBX 3.0 UNIVERSE, MBX has introduced multichains to greatly enhance user convenience and ecosystem scalability. Users of the MBX ecosystem can freely move to BNB Chain through the 'WARP' service, and further plans are being prepared to expand the mainnet where they can trade. *WARP: A bridge service that converts tokens between MBX and MBXL in a multi-chain environment.

  • Seamless progression of utility and scalability The multichain model enhances user accessibility by removing the entry hurdles for various blockchain users across the world. This matches the ultimate goal of multichain expansion, which is to enable cross-chain transactions and provide an effortless experience when transitioning from on-chain to off-chain. Since the MBX ecosystem has shed the limitations of a single chain, its services may now propagate into multiple mainnets, which may set the stage for the captivating synergy effects with services from other networks.

  • Alleviating beginner's WEB3 hurdle Users that enter the MBX ecosystem through games will be given the option to choose their blockchain ecosystem of choice through multichain support. Crypto users who are familiar with a particular blockchain ecosystem can easily join our game ecosystem without moving to another chain. This will have a positive impact on the expansion of the MBX ecosystem.

Multichain expansion will improve the overall accessibility of the MBX ecosystem, while enhancing the security, stability, and connectivity of services. This will enable the longevity of a user-centric blockchain ecosystem.

Networks such as Near (Aurora) and APTOS are scheduled to be added to the multichain lineup for MARBLEX.

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