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Become the new savior of the hopeless fighting game world!

In the world of fighting games, strength rules everything. When Triple A, the strongest player in the world, bullies the weak to show off his power, a group of girls band together to fight back against him.

However, they are ultimately defeated by Triple A and are forced to split up after their memories are wiped. One of the girls, Maymay, is lucky enough to not lose her memories thanks to the sealed power, but she loses all the power she has built up. Maymay's hatred for Triple A, the organization that ruined the world, drives her to search for her scattered friends...


▣ Easy and Convenient Idle RPG

  • Tailored for beginners, providing an easy, enchanting experience.

  • Watch as heroes grow in strength and acquire new abilities even when your phone is idly resting.

▣ Riveting Impact and Captivating Characters

  • Unleash stress-relieving, cinematic battles with a cool and refreshing vibe.

  • Collect and nurture a captivating array of martial artists, each with their own unique flair.

▣ Swift and Gratifying Level-Up Experience!

  • Immerse yourself in a cascade of rewards and the thrill of rapid progression.

  • Unleash powerful skills, conquer diverse dungeons, quests, and a myriad of captivating content.

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