🆕MBX Station

*Note that some of the images included in this guide were taken from a demo environment.

▶ Connecting to MBX Station

Welcome to the main page of MBX Station. The first thing to do is get connected.

Click Connect in the top right corner and select your login method.

From the main page, there will be an array of games listed under Project List.

Choose your favorite game, preferably one in which you already have in-app items. This will bring up the Info page for the game.

Similar to MBX Station Beta, you can connect your wallet with games without having to open the game.

Click Link Project and select your login method once more.

Please note that only one wallet can be used to link with one game account. Attempting to connect multiple accounts will result in an error message.

After selecting an account to link with the game, a pop-up will open. Click Agree.

Congratulations! You have successfully linked your account with the game.

After scrolling down the page, a "Go to play" button becomes visible. Upon clicking it, a pop-up appears containing links that direct you to the respective app stores or websites where the game can be downloaded.

▶ Exchanging in-app items and gMBXL

Now that we’re connected to the game, let’s take a look at how to exchange in-app items with gMBXL.

1. In-app items to gMBXL

From the main page of MBX Station, hover your mouse over a game and click Go to Exchange. Alternatively, from the Info page, click on the Exchange tab.

On the right side of the page, there is going to be an exchange interface.

Let’s take a look at how this interface works.

First, you must decide on the direction of the exchange. Let’s say that you want to exchange in-app items into gMBXL.

At the dropdown menu of “From”, select an in-app item.

This will automatically configure the output to gMBXL.

Enter the amount you wish to exchange and the output value (gMBXL) will be automatically calculated based on the exchange rate at the time of performing the exchange.

Please note that the exchange fee can be charged in the form of in-app items or gMBXL. The exchange fee is calculated using the AMM method.

In-app items are the same items that can be purchased in-game. When gMBXL is charged as exchange fees, it is not displayed as ‘Estimated Fees’, however a certain amount of gMBXL will be deducted at the Confirm Exchange stage.

Next, click the Terms of Service button. Read through the Terms & Conditions and click Agree.

After agreeing to the terms and conditions, click Exchange.

A pop-up will ask you to confirm the exchange. Click Confirm.

If gMBXL is charged as the exchange fee, the amount of gMBXL deducted will be displayed here.

This submits your exchange request. Note that the exchange may not be completed immediately. In such cases, click View History to check the status of the exchange request.

2. gMBXL to in-app items

Now let’s consider the reverse scenario.

When exchanging gMBXL to in-app items. The only difference is that no exchange fee is charged in the process.

After agreeing with the terms and conditions, click Exchange. This will bring up a pop-up window where you must enter your MARBLEX trading password to proceed to the next step.

Correctly entering the trading password submits your exchange request. Again, the exchange may not be completed immediately. In such cases, click View History to check the status of the exchange request.

▶ Accessing your personal information

To view your personal information, click the person icon in the top right corner or your account name and then select My Page.

This opens the page where you can view your personal information.

Let’s take a look at each tab that is available.

1. My Assets

Here, you can check your balance of gMBXL and in-app items.

If you do not have a sufficient balance of gMBXL, click Swap.

This opens up a pop-up window that leads to an interface on MBX Swap that allows you to swap MBXL to gMBXL.

On the other hand, if you already have in-app items, click Exchange and follow the steps from the previous section to exchange them to gMBXL.

2. Exchange History

This page displays the entire record of all exchanges conducted by an account. Click the ▽ icon on the right to expand the details of the exchange so that you can view the Tx hash.

The Exchange History page includes the following information:

  • Date/Time: timestamp that indicates the moment when exchange was requested.

  • Project: the game for which the exchange was requested.

  • From: shows input value.

  • To: shows output value.

  • Fee: the exchange fee paid as either gMBXL or in-app items.

  • Result: shows output value.

  • Status: indicates whether the exchange is “In progress” or “Complete”. If the exchange fails, it will be labeled as “Fail”. If a refund for the exchange fee has been processed, it will display as "Fail (Refund Complete)." Alternatively, if the refund process is still ongoing, it will show as "Fail (Refund in progress)."

If the status indicates “Fail”, please submit a request to MARBLEX customer support for follow-up investigation.

3. Manage Linked Accounts

As one of the newly added features, this page allows you to directly link or unlink your wallet/account with games.

To connect your account to a game, simply click Link next to the desired game.

Then, select your login method.

If you wish to unlink your account from a game, click Unlink. Then, click Agree.

As indicated in the pop-up window, you can relink your account at any time.

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