Rainbow Collection

Rainbow Collection

  • First collection of MARBLERSHIP: 7 color grades and 1 special grade

  • Total Issued Quantity: 5,600

Rainbow Collection Quantity Detail

*If there is an undistributed quantity in Public Sale, the quantity will be returned to the team quantity.

MARBLERSHIP's Special Utility

  • NFT STAKING Earn MBX by using MARBLERSHIP. Each MARBLERSHIP contains obtainable MBX. Through staking, you can acquire MBX at the level corresponding to Base APR (%). The APR (%) can be increased through the boosting function.

  • LEVEL UP Level up your NFT now! Each time you mine the MBX contained in the MARBLERSHIP, you can earn experience points. When you reach 100% experience, you can upgrade to the next level. You can mine more MBX by leveling up.

  • MARBLERSHIP holder exclusive channel admission ticket Be active on the Discord channel only for MARBLERSHIP holders! Get access to MARBLEX's latest news and events faster than anyone else.

  • Airdrop Event Only for MARBLERSHIP holders Special events exclusively for MARBLERSHIP holders are held irregularly, such as airdrop events and Netmarble games.

  • MBX Universe Game Coupons We support the gaming experience of MARBLERSHIP holders by providing game coupons for MBX Universe games.

  • MARBLERSHIP dedicated customer service If you go through the MARBLERSHIP dedicated customer center, you can receive faster service with high service standards for MBX Universe games.

  • Whitelist for Offline Events We provide a whitelist to participate in offline events hosted by MARBLEX. You can hear the vivid voice of the MARBLEX team as quickly as possible and have networking with industry officials.

  • NFT Whitelist of MBX ecosystem games MARBLEX's game ecosystem continues to expand. Don't miss the chance to become an early investor in the upcoming MARBLEX ecosystem game NFT!

  • Private AMA We would like to hear the voices of MARBLERSHIP holders more closely! Private AMA session for MARBLERSHIP holders only. Feel free to ask your questions at the AMA session.

  • Hidden Benefit This is not the end! Please look forward to various benefits for MARBLERSHIP holders that will be released in the future.

※ The above information is subject to change depending on market conditions and demand.

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