Multi-layer Hybrid Structure

With a large number of high-quality games of various genres targeting an equally large number of global users, it is necessary to solve the performance limitations (low TPS) and high transaction costs (high gas fee) of the existing blockchain mainnet to stably support an ecosystem that includes games. In order to effectively solve these two problems, leading developers are proposing a solution to link chains in a multi-layer hybrid structure (also known as the multichain structure), which aims to be a blockchain platform capable of handling multiple games, and the chain structure of the MBX ecosystem is not so different from this.

The multi-layer hybrid structure of the MBX ecosystem consists of three main layers, each of which is described below.

  • Service Chain: A private chain where transactions per second (TPS) can grow without limit as the number of supported applications and users grows, and whose transaction costs are controlled by the service provider.

  • Bridge Chain: An intermediate layer of private chain that supports the flow of assets between various applications within the MBX token ecosystem.

  • Public Chain: A higher tier chain that enables the free flow of assets outside the MBX token ecosystem to the larger token ecosystems.

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