MBX NFT is the comprehensive NFT platform in the MARBLEX ecosystem.

With MBX NFT platform's various features, users can utilize their NFTs in a variety of ways, increase their value, and receive additional benefits.

In this guide, let’s take a look at how to use the AIRDROP service on MBX NFT to receive reward NFTs.

The following guide was created using sample images from the dev page of MBX NFT. Please note that they may differ from the actual website at the launch of MBX NFT.

▶ How to use airdrop pools on AIRDROP

1. From the main page of MBX NFT, click AIRDROP. This will open the following page.

2. On the right side of the menu, you'll find the Reward List, displaying the type of reward that will be airdropped. Scroll down further until you see the NFTs listed in the Requirements section; these are the necessary ingredients needed for the airdrop. In this specific airdrop pool, only 1 NFT is required to receive a reward.

3. Scroll back up and click NFT Add.

4. A screen will appear displaying all NFTs in your possession. If you can’t see any NFTs, click on the drop down menu on the right, and select the appropriate collection. Notice how the required score is 1 for this particular airdrop pool. This means you only need a score of 1 in order to receive the airdrop reward.

5. Select an NFT and you’ll notice that MY Score now displays 1. Click Input NFT.

6. The NFT from the previous step is now registered for airdrop. Click Airdrop.

7. Click Approve to proceed with the approval process.

8. This step is required to grant permission to the MBX NFT service to transfer the NFT for the airdrop. A small gas fee is required for the approval process. Click Confirm → Approve.

9. Wait until the NFT approval process is complete and click Approve.

10. Take note of the lock-up period for the registered NFT. Once you click Agree, your registered NFT will be locked up for the displayed duration. After the lock-up period, the same NFT can be registered for airdrops again, given that there are appropriate pools available.

11. A small gas fee is required for the final step of the airdrop. Click Confirm to proceed. After a few seconds, you will receive a pop-up confirming that you have successfully received the airdrop. Click Confirm, again.

12. Congratulations! In this particular airdrop pool, the reward NFT was an Alphabet Puzzle.

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