Staking & Level Up

Lunar Animals Progression System

Each grade is associated with different distribution quantities and obtainable MBX tokens. Distribution quantity decreases while obtainable MBX tokens increase in the order of N, R, and SR grades.

Typically, a Lunar Animal(N) can be fully mined and exchanged for Lunar Animal(R), and the process can be repeated until it reaches Lunar Animal(SR). Moreover, each Lunar Animal has varying Base Staking APR.

Notably, the Cat has the lowest distribution quantity with the highest Base Staking APR.

■12 Lunar Animals

  • 2× MAX Level Lunar Animal (N) → SWAP → 1× Level 1 Lunar Animal (R)

  • 3× MAX Level Lunar Animal (R) → SWAP → 1× Level 1 Lunar Animal (SR)


  • 2× MAX Level Cat (N) → SWAP → 1× Level 1 Cat (R)

  • 2× MAX Level Cat (R) → SWAP → 1× Level 1 Cat (SR)

Users can stake Lunar Animals (N), obtained through various methods, using NFT Staking on MBX NFT to level them up. Then, they can collect MAX Level Lunar Animals (N) and swap them for Lunar Animals (R).

This process can be repeated until Lunar Animals (R) are swapped for Lunar Animals (SR). Users can earn a substantial amount of MBX tokens from Lunar Animals (SR) as staking rewards.

■ Total reward for Lunar Animal (SR): 2,250MBX

Level-up Reward Chart

The Level Up Cost refers to the price of upgrading a fully mined Lunar Animal to the next level.

The payment is made using KLAY tokens, where the exact amount of tokens is calculated based on the MBX/KLAY exchange rate.

The values in the Level Up Cost column represent fixed costs in MBX.

  • Synchronization time for MBX/KLAY exchange rate : Every 1 hour interval (e.g. 00:00, 01:00, 02:00 ... 23:00 (UTC+9))

    *Source data : CoinMarketCap

  • Swap time for KLAY → MBX through Dex Pair: Every 8-hour interval at 01:00, 09:00, 17:00 (UTC+9)

50% of the tokens used for the Level Up Cost are burned regularly through a contract address after being swapped to MBX through MBX/KLAY Dex Pair. The entire burning process takes place automatically using the smart contract.

※ Boosting efficiency refers to the degree to which APR efficiency increases according to the amount of MBX used for boosting.

▶Lunar Animals Boost Efficiency : 400%

Distribution Quantity and Base APR of Each Lunar Animal by Grade

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