Staking & Level Up

"Level up your MARBLERSHIP!"

  • Every MARBLERSHIP contains MBX stored within each NFT.

  • Earn MBX stored in MARBLERSHIP NFT and gain experience points through MARBLERSHIP Staking!

  • When you reach 100% experience, you can level up your NFT. As you level up, more MBX can be obtained as rewards.

  • Do you want to acquire MBX faster? You can increase your staking APR (%) through the boosting function!

Level-up Reward chart

<General Grade>

<Special Grade>

※ The table above indicates the number of Reward Tokens allocated per NFT (detailed balance not confirmed) ※ Level-up conditions: You can level up to the next level if you receive all the rewards assigned to each level. ※ The basic APR is 100%, and this corresponds to the mining speed at which the holder can acquire the reward built into the NFT. (APR = Reward by Level x Base APR) ※ Boosting efficiency refers to the degree to which APR efficiency increases according to the amount of MBX used for boosting.

  • MARBLERSHIP NFT Staking : When you stake MARBLERSHIP NFTs, you receive token rewards by smart contract according to the staking period.

  • NFT Staking boosting : After staking MARBLERSHIP NFTs, you can boost the APR of your staked NFTs by staking additional MBX tokens. Through APR boosting, the amount of time required to receive the total reward inside each NFT can be shortened. Also, the boosting rate varies depending on the number of MBX staked. *At this time, the number of MBX staked for boosting is not deducted, and users can retrieve the boosting quantity at any time they wish.

  • NFT Level-up : If mining of all rewards granted to NFTs is completed, the user is qualified to level-up the NFT. When a user levels up an NFT, the reward CAP given to the NFT increases, and the leveled-up NFT can be staked again. To level up, users must pay a level up fee in MBX, and 50% of the fee will be burned.

  • Fee Policy : 50% of the fees incurred when claiming rewards and when leveling up will be burned.

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