MBXL Staking Guide

What is MBXL Staking?

MBXL Staking service provides users with a feature to stake MBXL. Through staking, rewards will be distributed to users according to the share of MBXL and the staking period.

MBXL Staking service operation strategies are as follows.

  • Period for staking and withdrawal is not limited to seasonal progress

  • The staking range is from 1 MBXL to 200,000 MBXL

  • Rewards will be distributed to users according to the share of MBXL and staking period

Reasons to Use MBXL Staking

  • Constant withdrawal available (Immediate return processing upon withdrawal request)

  • Basic rewards are paid every 5 days after staking

  • Additional rewards will be paid if users stake MBXL for more than 90 days

How to Stake MBXL

As of October 2023, our dApp services in the MARBLEX Wallet have moved to in-app browsers. For more information, please refer to our announcement.

1. Enter the MARBLEX Wallet. If you have not installed the MARBLEX wallet yet, download it from the URL below.

2. From the home menu, tap MARBLEX Link.

3. Tap Regular Staking. This will open the in-app browser for staking on MBX Swap (Note that this feature can also be accessed via PC.)

  1. Tap the Detail button next to MBXL Staking.

  2. Slide the screen down until you see My Staked Tokens. Here, tap the Deposit button.

  3. Enter the amount of MBXL you wish to deposit and press Next.

  4. Check the amount of staked MBXL that will be deposited.

  5. Read through the Terms and Conditions and press the Accept All button.

  6. Press the Deposit button to complete the MBXL staking process.

  7. You can check your staking history by tapping the Check on My Page button.

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