Issuance and Distribution Plan

A total of 1 billion tokens will be issued, designed for long-term operation, to ensure stable liquidity and expansion. The distribution plan is as follows:

a. Ecosystem and community activation : Staking rewards are generated for users for the sake of long-term ecosystem activation. All users who participate in the ecosystem's staking system can receive ecosystem activation rewards. The service provider aims to provide appropriate rewards directly to users for various token value preservation activities such as staking and liquidity provision. In addition, this includes various support for the development of the token economy and the activation of the ecosystem, such as the advancement of blockchain services and development projects.

b. Token Sale : The act of securing initial operating costs and strategic partnerships. The token sale volume will be distributed in several rounds, considering future scalable partners.

c. Team : Used as a reward for team members, including employees and representatives of affiliated companies, who contribute to the design, implementation, support, and activation of the blockchain ecosystem.

d. Marketing : Used for various activities including event promotions such as airdrops to expand and activate participation in the ecosystem.

The token distribution plan is subject to change due to changes in the internal or external environment, in addition to any changes regarding the progress of project, including technological development, and various factors that could affect the ecosystem. In the case where any changes become necessary, the relevant reasons will be announced in detail through appropriate channels, including the website.

The token distribution plan may change in the future due to changes regarding the progress of the project including technological development, changes in the internal and external environment, and various other factors that may affect the ecosystem, and if changes become necessary, the reasons may be notified in detail through appropriate channels such as the website.

The initial MBX supply was 1 billion, but the total supply was reduced to 326,095,731 MBX due to the burning in July 2023.

Considering the market flow and volume at the time of MARBLEX's initial tokenomics plan, a significant portion of the total supply was set aside for later ecosystem strengthening, but based on the current market conditions and the degree of ecosystem activation, it was determined that the planned MBX supply was sufficient for effective ecosystem operation. Accordingly, through MARBLEX 3.0 Tokenomics Optimisation Phase 1: Burning all tokens outside the distribution plan, we aimed to resolve market uncertainty caused by potential distribution pressure and establish transparent tokenomics.

As a result, the unplanned supply of 673,627,556 MBX (67.36% of the total supply), which was not included in the < MBX Token Distribution Schedule by 2026>, was burned in July 2023, and the unplanned distribution amount of 673,627,556 MBX, which is 67.36% of the initially issued Max supply of 1,000,000,000 MBX, was burned, reducing the Total Issuance Amount to 326,095,731 MBX. *Including a portion that has already been burned by the ecosystem deflation model.

Tokens other than those burned will be designed for long-term operation in accordance with the previously announced < MBX Token Distribution Schedule by 2026> to ensure stable liquidity and expand.

The total supply may change due to the automatic burning model implemented within the MARBLEX ecosystem.

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