Coupon & Inventory


Basic Concept

  • If the user is verified as the holder of the TokenID of the NFT specified in the coupon pool, they will acquire the coupon specified in the pool. Depending on the coupon pool, there may be a cost when acquiring it.

  • Coupons are not on-chain data, but off-chain data registered on MARBLEX servers as a combination of image and text.

  • Coupons can include game-specific coupons or gift cards for services.


■ Requirements NFT

  • The Requirements NFTs in each coupon pool may vary. Users are able to redeem coupons once they are verified as holders of the Requirement NFTs.

  • NFTs that are validated and received by a user will have their TokenID recorded on the server, to prevent them from transferring the NFT to another wallet and try to redeem the coupon again. By selling the coupon, the seller can still view the coupon information.


Precautions for trading NFTs eligible for coupons

When trading NFTs eligible for coupons on NFT marketplaces, make sure to check if the Token ID has already received the coupon before completing the transaction.

You can verify if an NFT eligible for coupon payment has received the coupon information by checking the details page on the Coupon service.

You will not receive the coupon assigned to your Token ID until the transaction is completed and ownership is transferred from the NFT seller to the NFT buyer.

Inventory Service

Basic Concept

  • View the NFTs you own in your connected wallet.

  • View the transaction history of your NFTs.

  • Transfer the NFTs you hold to another wallet.


Not all NFTs held in your wallet will be visible.

Only NFTs that are whitelisted by the system are visible. Users can add collection addresses.


NFT Transfer Fee: Free

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