MBX Swap is a service that supports all activities that utilize MBX tokens within the MARBLEX ecosystem.

  • Warp: Supports the exchange between MBX on various mainnets with MBXL.

  • Swap: Facilitates the exchange of tokens within the MARBLEX ecosystem (e.g., MBX↔MBXL↔gMBXL). MBX Station users can exchange MBXL for gMBXL using Swap and utilize them through MBX Station.

The fees that occur when exchanging tokens through Warp or Swap are burned according to the respective policies, and has the equivalent effect of burning MBX.

[MBX Swap Service Features]

  • Convenient Connection

MBX Swap is a cross-platform service that is available on both mobile and PC websites. Users can utilize its features through the specialized interfaces for each device. Also, when accessing Warp, Staking, or Swap through the MARBLEX Wallet, there is no need to perform an additional wallet connection. Your account will be automatically connected when using these features."

  • Free Gas

For most swap services, a gas fee is charged to use the service. In some cases, users must additionally provide a monthly Gas Fee. In MBX Swap, the service operator pays the user's Gas Fee. Users can use the service without the burden and hassle of purchasing gas.

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