Three trading methods

Buy Now

Do you agree with the selling price of NFT products that a seller has put on the Market? Then, you can immediately purchase the NFT product without waiting or haggling. After linking your MBX Wallet, click the 'Buy Now' button to purchase NFTs!


How much can my NFT sell for? Try it out with the Auction! If the NFT you want to purchase is in an AUCTION, move quickly and seize the opportunity.

a. Sell ​​to Highest Bidder: The person with the highest bid by the auction end time is awarded the NFT. No separate extension or mid-term winning bid policy.

b. Sell ​​with Declining Price: After the seller registers the offer price, the price slowly drops until a successful bidder appears. Until the specified duration, the price will decrease linearly in real-time from the starting price to the specified ending price. When the NFT reaches the desired price, click BUY to make a bid, and then the purchase is made based on the current price when the transaction password is entered, and the TX is successfully created.

Make Offer

Users who wish to purchase NFT can suggest the desired purchase price when making an offer. The NFT owners can receive a notification that someone has made an offer to purchase their NFT through the MBX Wallet.

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