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What are Lunar Animals?

Marblership Lunar Animals Collection is the second MARBLEX membership NFT following the Marblership Rainbow Collection. It includes the 12 zodiac animals—Mouse, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Lamb, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, Pig—in addition to the Cat, bringing the total to 13 different animals.

Each animal is available in N, R, and SR grades, resulting in a total of 39 types of NFTs.

Each grade is associated with different distribution quantities and obtainable MBX tokens. Distribution quantity decreases while obtainable MBX tokens increase in the order of N, R, and SR grades.

Lunar Animals Collection can be acquired through the NFT Swap service of MBX NFT using various "ingredient" NFTs.

Main methods for acquiring Lunar Animals

■ Collect Puzzle NFT

Collect and swap Alphabet Puzzles that correspond to the KEYWORD for a Lunar Animal (N). For example, 7 Alphabets that correspond to MARBLEX can be collected using the following combinations: MARBLEX, MMMAAAA, MMAARR+Joker

  • Any missing alphabets can be replaced with Joker Puzzles.

  • Duplicate alphabets are allowed for specific swap pools.

  • Swap pools that require the collection of Puzzles are first-come, first-served (FCFS).

■ Swap using Joker Puzzle NFT

Collect and swap 10 Joker (R) Puzzles into an Lunar Animal (SR).

■ Exclusive method for Marblership Rainbow Collection holders

The exchange can be performed according to the exchange rate. There is a finite amount of Marblership Lunar Animals that can be exchanged by holders, and the minting is not first-come, first-served.

Conditions for Swapping Marblership Rainbow Collection

Holders of the Marblership Rainbow Collection (any color) are guaranteed swapping their NFTs for Marblership Lunar Animals Collection. As previously announced, the NFT Staking v1 will be deactivated on May 31. Please note that holders can still swap their NFT(s) to Marblership Lunar Animals even after the deactivation period.

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Swap conditions

  • 3× Marblership Rainbow Collection General grade → SWAP → Lunar Animals (N)

  • 1× Marblership Rainbow Collection General grade + 1× Special grade → SWAP → Lunar Animals(R)

※ Holders of the Marblership Rainbow Collection may swap their NFT(s) regardless of color, level, or experience.

Starting March 14, holders of the Marblership Rainbow Collection can receive 1 Puzzle for each Marblership Rainbow Collection (both General and Special grades) NFT they possess through the AIRDROP feature on MBX NFT.

Additional policy details and exchange pool information will be disclosed through MBX NFT.

MARBLERSHIP's Special Utility

  • NFT Staking: Utilize your Marblership to acquire MBX tokens. Each Marblership contains MBX tokens that can be obtained through staking. Stake your Marblership to gradually earn MBX corresponding to the NFT's Base APR. You can increase the APR using the Boost APR feature.

  • Level UP: Once your Marblership reaches 100% EXP, it can be upgraded to the next level, allowing you to continue mining it.

  • NFT SWAP: This feature allows holders to utilize their NFTs to obtain new NFT. You can exchange Marblerships that reach MAX Level for those of higher grade to earn additional MBX tokens. Requirement NFTs that are input through SWAP are burned.

  • NFT Coupon: This feature allows holders of MARBLEX NFT to obtain coupons. Marblership holders will be provided with various coupons irregularly.

  • MARBLERSHIP LOUNGE: As a private community exclusive to Marblership holders, this channels offers various information and benefits. Be among the first to receive the latest news regarding Marblerships by joining this channel.

Lunar Animals Collection Quantity Detail

  • Total Issued Quantity: 10,000

  • N grade: 6,010

  • R grade: 2,963

  • SR grade: 1,027

  • The quantity for the Marblership Lunar Animals Collection is divided into the following categories:

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