▶How to level up your NFT

1. From the main staking page, click the Level Up tab to open the page below.

2. If you don't have any NFTs that reached 100% experience points, you'll see the following pop-up message.

3. On the contrary, if you do have NFTs that are at 100% EXP, you may select them as shown below. One of the updates in NFT Staking v2 allows you to level up multiple NFTs simultaneously; up to 20 NFTs can be selected for level up. Click Select to proceed with the level up.

4. You’ll notice the selected NFT has been added to the Level Up List. Check the NFT Info on the right, which shows you details of the Level UP Cost. Once you’re ready, click Level Up.

5. Check the Total Cost (platform fee) one more time and click Level Up to proceed.

6. In addition to the platform fee, a MetaMask pop-up will ask you to pay a small gas fee. Click Confirm. After a few seconds, you’ll receive the Level Up Success pop-up.

7. Perform one last check to see if your NFT has leveled up successfully.

8. Your leveled up NFT can be found on either the main staking page or your inventory.

9. Alternatively, click on the NFT to view it in greater detail.

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