Mining – NFT Staking


  • Similar to mining rewards in each Token ID, the reward claiming period is determined by the reward and APR (%) of the selected Token ID. Reward delivery is based on the formula. Supports Boost APR and level-up features.



  • Staking available for each collection

  • Total NFT Staking volume per collection is limited to 200ea for each account, but the maximum number of NFTs that can be staked per action is 160ea.

  • Additional NFT can be staked during NFT Staking

  • No gas fee or staking fee is applied


  • It is possible to unstake any staked NFT by selecting them individually

  • No gas fee or other fees are applied when unstaking. Instead, a cooldown duration occurs when unstaking is requested. Once the duration is over, requesting unstaking returns the NFT to user's wallet

*The cooldown duration varies for each collection and may be subject to change depending on operational circumstances

[Staking Reward Formula]

  • When staking multiple NFT, the sum of each NFT reward is determined

  • Marblership Rainbow Collection has a 250% boosting efficiency [Details - >>Move to 'Marblership: Staking & Level-up']

  • Reference links are from "Marblership NFT Staking Efficiency"

[Boost APR]

  • Boost APR refers to the act of staking Tokens to reduce the time it takes to receive the reward for any staked NFT.

  • It also refers to the speed of the Base APR configured for the NFT when only staking NFT.

  • 1-epoch equates to 1 reward. Increasing the APR value increases the amount of reward per 1-epoch.


  • APR value can be increased by staking APR Tokens. The increased value may vary depending on the Boosting Efficiency of each collection.

  • Boost APR does not increase the total mining reward. The currency used for Boost APR is identical to the Staking Reward.

  • Additional Boost Staking is not possible when boosting APR. In order to add more volume to Boost Staking, the user must unstake the original amount and restart the Staking process with the new amount.

  • Unstaking causes a cooldown duration to occur. Boost APR does not apply during this time.

*The cooldown duration varies for each collection and may be subject to change depending on operational circumstances

  • When staking multiple NFT, the Boost APR applies to all staked NFT equally. It is not possible to apply the boost to specific NFT.

[Claim Rewards]

Claim Rewards refers to transferring rewards acquired from NFT Staking to a user's wallet.

Claimable Rewards: Rewards acquired through NFT Staking. When claimed, it displays the amount (before fee deduction) of Tokens transferred to user's wallet Total reward: Reward status of all staked NFT. Total reward = {Mineable Reward} / {Staking Reward} Claim Fee: A 2.5% fee that is deducted from the Claimable Rewards before the reward is delivered to user's wallet.


  • Unstaking all staked NFT will cause the user to forcibly claim all accumulated rewards.


Includes details about NFT available for staking, staking status, and rewards for each Token ID. Users may view other user's Token ID or staking details as well as their own.

Mineable Reward: The amount of rewards that can be claimed at a certain point for each Token ID Mineable Reward = (Staking Reward)-(Amount of claimed reward)

Staking Reward: Initial amount of rewards distributed for each Token ID

*When NFT levels up, the amount of Staking Reward and Mineable Reward adjusts itself according to the NFT's level.

Base APR: The base mining efficiency. It is used for the Staking Reward Formula. Staking Status: Displays the current staking status.

[NFT Level Up]

  • Level up may proceed only when a Token ID has met the level up requirements.

  • By obtaining all Staking Rewards, an NFT's experience will reach 100%. This is one of the requirements that allows it to level up.

  • It is possible to increase the Staking Reward limit by making an additional level up payment.

  • NFT level-up cost and Staking Reward distribution varies for each collection. Details can be found at the corresponding website, white paper, or gitbook.

  • NFT can only be leveled up one at a time.

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