Strengths of Warp

  • Seamless progression of utility and scalability The multichain model enhances user accessibility by removing the entry hurdles for various blockchain users across the world. This matches the ultimate goal of multichain expansion, which is to enable cross-chain transactions and provide an effortless experience when transitioning from on-chain to off-chain. Since the MBX ecosystem has shed the limitations of a single chain, its services may now propagate into multiple mainnets, which may set the stage for captivating synergy effects with services from other networks.

  • Alleviating beginner's WEB3 hurdle Users that enter the MBX ecosystem through games will be given the option to choose their blockchain ecosystem of choice through multi-chain support. Crypto users who are familiar with a particular blockchain ecosystem can easily join our game ecosystem without moving to another chain. This will have a positive impact on the expansion of the MBX ecosystem.

  • Free Gas For most bridge services, a gas fee is charged to use the service. The user must additionally provide a monthly gas fee for service use. In Warp, the service operator pays the user's gas fee. Users can use the service without the burden and hassle of purchasing gas. Multichain expansion will improve the overall accessibility of the MBX ecosystem, while enhancing the security, stability, and connectivity of services. This will enable the longevity of a user-centric blockchain ecosystem.

Supported Networks

  • BNB Smart Chain (Available)

  • Aptos (Available)

  • Near (TBD)

  • And more..


- Sending tokens to a different network may either result in a failed transaction or your tokens/assets being lost.

- Currently, MBX is not listed at cryptocurrency exchanges that support BNB-based MBX, therefore it is NOT advised to transfer MBX on BNB to any type of exchanges. If users were to send MBX on BNB to an exchange, there is a possibility that the tokens may get lost. MARBLEX cannot provide customer support for issues related to exchanged-based transactions.

- Sending tokens to the wrong recipient/address cannot be reverted due to the decentralized nature of cryptocurrency transactions.

*Refer to the guide on how to use Warp

Exchanging MBX ↔ MBXL

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