Pool & Price

■ Pool Price (Common)

Each pool has its own pricing policy.

Pools are divided into free and paid pools based on price settings.

The Total Cost is calculated by combining the Pool Price and Platform Fee.

Price is set by the project onboarding team, and Platform fee is managed by the platform operator.

■ Pool end conditions (Common)

The SWAP/AIRDROP/CLAIM/COUPON Pool is closed when the following conditions are met.

When a pool is terminated, it is no longer available to users, regardless of their availability.

  1. If all NFTs set in the Reward Pool are exhausted

  2. When the operational period of the Pool ends

■ Platform Fee

※ Platform fees will follow the MBX NFT Launch Event policies until further notice. (Exact date TBD)

※ Platform fees may fluctuate with the Pool price.

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