The MBX token ecosystem adopts inflation as a way to expand and maintain stable ecosystems. MBX should be added in a limited scope that does not deter the balance of supply and demand of ecosystems while taking into account the burning model or deflation model. The annual inflation rate is around 3.15%. This rate will be used to maintain and stabilize a long-term foundation for ecosystems, including inviting users to enter into ecosystems and vitalizing the economy.

About 40% of the issued tokens will be distributed to eligible strategic partners as rewards. Strategic partners refer to core members that contribute, collaborate, and maintain the relationship in various areas, including projects and developments in blockchain ecosystems provided by MBX. Specifically, partners that develop games and supply them to the "service chains" will have a direct motive to contribute to the vitalization of MBX blockchain ecosystems (i.e., obtaining reward).

As partners with such motives increase and offer quality game services, users' participation in the blockchain ecosystems through games will become increasingly active. Then, 35% of the tokens issued will be reserved in Treasury for the long-term growth and operation of the ecosystem.

The MBX tokens reserved in the growth fund will not belong to a certain party; they will be reserved and used solely to maintain the ecosystem. The remaining 25% is the bare minimum reserved for service operation.

▷ 40%: Partners, 35%: Treasury, 25%: Maintenance

※ Due to temporary inflation pending, the ecosystem's matching reward reserve burning amount will be used for the distribution of resources equivalent to 40% of the existing inflation amount, which was set as the source of long-term partner reward. In addition, no additional resources will be allocated for ‘Treasury’ and ‘Maintenance’ for the long-term development and operation of the ecosystem.

※ Reserves To Be Burned = Quantity allocated to be automatically burned for offsetting the inflation pressure with the same quantity equivalent to partner rewards payments.

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