What is an MBX NFT Platform?

MBX NFT is a comprehensive NFT platform in the MARBLEX ecosystem.

By expanding the existing NFT Staking Platform, the NFT Staking function has been made more powerful, and new NFT Swap, Airdrop, Claim, Coupon, and Inventory services have been added. With MBX NFT Platform's various features, users can utilize their NFTs in a variety of ways, increase their value, and receive additional benefits.

MBX NFT Platform supports both NFT collections issued by MARBLEX as well as EVM-based NFT collections. NFT collections from other projects that have already been distributed or published can also to increase the value and utility of NFTs through the MBX NFT platform.

Supported Wallet

※ 'MBX NFT Platform' does not support MARBLEX Wallet

For the scalability of the platform, the MBX NFT platform supports MetaMask Wallet. Therefore, the gas payment feature provided by the existing MARBLEX Wallet is not supported. MARBLEX Wallet users can import their MARBLEX Wallet into their MetaMask Wallet.

Supported Services

  • Staking

    The NFT Staking service is a service that allows users to stake their NFTs and receive staking rewards. Through the level up feature, users can level up their staked NFTs at each stage and earn more tokens as rewards.

  • SWAP

    The NFT Swap service allows users to input NFTs they own into a swap pool to receive new NFTs in order to acquire new NFTs. The NFTs required for swapping in each pool and the types of NFTs that can be obtained may vary from pool to pool, and NFTs can be obtained based on probability depending on the number of NFTs in each pool. In general, you will receive NFTs that are worth more than the NFTs you put in.

  • Airdrop

    Airdrop is a service that allows you to lock up requirement NFTs for a set period of time to receive new NFTs. For each airdrop pool, the NFTs that need to be locked up for NFT Airdrop may vary, and the reward NFTs for each pool may also vary. Each pool has a snapshot time, and users can input NFTs to the airdrop pool to participate in the airdrop. The input NFTs are automatically returned to the user's wallet after the lockup period. Users can then reuse the returned NFTs back to the airdrop pool to receive new NFTs.

  • Claim

    The Claim service is a service where users pay MBX to receive new NFTs. To claim new NFTs, users need to submit MBX, which is set as a fee for each claim pool, and do not need to submit a separate NFT.

  • Coupon

    The Coupon service allows users to acquire coupons consisting of text and images by holding NFTs that are set as requirements for each coupon pool. The coupons can be items from a specific game or gift cards for a specific service or website.

  • Inventory

    This service allows users to view their NFTs acquired through MBX NFT and transfer their NFTs to another address.

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