Stella Fantasy (Upcoming)

You are invited to the world of 'Stella Fantasy!

Enter Stella Fantasy, a premium quality character collectible action RPG where players can become adventurers who travel through the mystical land of Reterra to battle against various foes and experience growing together with charming Anime-styled characters.

With an arsenal of various content, such as Abyss Invader where users can battle vicious bosses and compete against each other, Mirage Garden where users can challenge various stages, and an entertaining storyline.

Beyond the captivating narratives, Stella Fantasy is designed to be an incredibly enjoyable gameplay experience. In the game, players can control multiple characters simultaneously. A team of four characters is present on the battlefield, and players can switch between them, creating their own strategic element in combat. Visually, Stella Fantasy boasts beautiful artwork and graphics, highlighted with the ultimate 'Kawaii' Anime-styled characters.The game is currently available through PC and Mobile APK versions.

By onboarding MBX Station, all users inside the MBX ecosystem will be able to easily access and play Stella Fantasy. The onboarding date of Stella Fantasy on MBX Station will be revealed in the near future.

Stay tuned!

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