The King of Fighters ARENA

The King of Fighters IP and Cryptobattle have joined together!

The King of Fighters ARENA is Netmarble’s new action-oriented real-time online PvP game based on The King of Fighters series by SNK. The King of Fighters fans all around the world will get to battle against each other for victory. Test your skills and claim victory with various fighters in The King of Fighters ARENA!

More than just a game! Play and Earn! The King of Fighters ARENA runs around a fighting-game-based blockchain ecosystem, in which the players can enjoy battles and have the opportunity to earn tokens as well. Challengers can receive rewards by playing The King of Fighters ARENA on the blockchain and exchange the rewards for tokens. Furthermore, there is an “Own to Earn” system where users can simply invest to earn rather than by playing the actual game. Possess your own NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens) through The King of Fighters ARENA and experience the world of Tokenomics in this Cryptobattle. The Development team will do its utmost best to maintain a suitable environment for the players to enjoy the game and gather stable NFTs.


👉 [GUIDES] How to link MARBLEX Wallet & use NFT in KOF ARENA (Controller Ver.)

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