MBX Station BETA

  • To use MBX station, users will need both a MARBLEX Wallet and a game account. A MARBLEX Wallet address can be created through the MARBLEX Wallet app or the Online Wallet, whereas game accounts can be created through each game respectively.

  • The "Link Account" procedure is not necessary if the game account is already linked to the MARBLEX Wallet. If they are not linked, users must use the "Link Account" feature of MBX Station to use the exchange interface. Make sure that the MARBLEX Wallet address used to sign in or connect to MBX Station is properly linked to the corresponding game account, otherwise users will not able to use this service.

*Once the MARBLEX Wallet and game account are linked, you cannot unlink or make changes.

1. This is the front page of MBX Station. First, click on the Meta World: My City banner.

2. Connect to your MARBLEX Wallet by clicking the Connect button in the top right corner. 3. Next, click the Game Login button to remotely connect to Meta World: My City. 4. If your Wallet is not linked with the game, there will be a Link Account icon as shown above. Meanwhile, if your Wallet is already linked to the game, a purple icon will display as Linked Account.

*This is the login screen that appears when you click the Game Login button. If your game account is not linked to the game via email, refer to the steps below.

  1. Launch Meta World: My City and access the Options menu. Go to Account and select “Sign in with email”.

  1. Choose “Sign up with email” and enter the necessary information. (see below)

  1. This is the screen you should see after successfully linking your game account with an email address.

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