Staking Reward

A Circulation Structure & Staking Reward

The biggest difference of the Game Token staking service is the staking reward.

Up to 10% of game sales will be used as staking rewards for user return. As mentioned in the white paper, the reward resources for game token staking are secured by the publisher through market transactions. By returning and distributing the purchased MBX tokens to users,

1) gives users the purpose of game token staking,

2) acts as a catalyst to reduce the circulation of game tokens in the market, and maintains the value of game tokens. In addition,

3) the continued purchase of MBX in the market will support the activation of MBX trading and preservation of value.

The staking of MARBLEX can create a strong virtuous cycle for value preservation by forming a reciprocal relationship between game tokens and MBX.

MARBLEX has been thinking about the token return policy for a long time. We did not stop at the idea of using game sales to provide staking rewards, and we thought about making more users active in the MARBLEX ecosystem.

We introduced the ‘Matching Reward Fund’ system that grants the same staking rewards set in accordance with the Token Return Policy policy.

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