MBXL Staking

MBXL STAKING is the easiest way to get MBXL as a reward among MARBLEX services. MBXL is a bridge token in the MARBLEX ecosystem and has an exchange ratio of 1:1 with MBX. MBXL is the only token required to earn rewards from MBXL Staking. Users are able to easily obtain MBXL rewards through MBXL Staking.

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[Differences between MBXL Staking and Game Token Staking]

Staking Tokens

  • 'Game Token Staking' is to stake game tokens and receive MBXL as a reward. 'MBXL Staking' is to stake MBXL and receive MBXL as a reward.

Pre-Staking and Season

  • Game Token Staking has a pre-staking period and a season. However, MBXL Staking operates without the concept of a season and there is no concept of pre-staking.

Withdrawal Limitation Period

  • Game Token Staking has a withdrawal period after staking in the regular season. However, MBXL Staking can be withdrawn at any time. Note that a penalty may occur depending on the staking period at the time of withdrawal.

APR Limitation

  • Game Token Staking has an unlimited APR for rewards, while MBXL Staking has a cap on the maximum APR.

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