Matching reward fund

The ‘Matching Reward Fund’ is a system in which the publisher earns the same amount of MBX as a reward fund, as well as the same amount of MBX as a game token staking reward fund. To activate the ecosystem, the Community Fund allocates the same amount as the stake reward set by the publisher.

The benefits for each ecosystem participant

  • Users: Increase the value retention of game tokens acquired through gameplay and ensure the ability to acquire MBX tokens by holding game tokens.

  • Publishers and Ecosystem Contributors: Increased game token self-value via the game token staking program, increased motivation to hold game tokens, and enhanced game participation via increased utilization of game tokens. Sales are expected to rise as game content’s lifespan is extended.

  • MARBLEX: Activation of the MBX transaction as a result of the publisher’s ongoing purchase of MBX. Due to the activation of game token staking by users, the token price will stabilize and the ecosystem’s sustainability will increase.

The essence of the Matching reward fund is that the staking service forms a sustainable self-circulating structure. The staking reward resource, which utilizes up to 10% of sales and additional reward support through the matching reward fund makes staking more attractive. The staking service planned by MARBLEX is the first step in enhancing the sustainability of the ecosystem.

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